We're under new ownership!

Play It Again Sports--St. Paul is officially under new ownership. It's now owned by my brother, myself and one of my best buds.  We're all under 28. We all grew up within two miles of the store's current location. We all attended St. Paul Central. We all played baseball at Highland Little League and could regularly be found bumming around local parks and rec centers--shooting hoops, playing boot hockey, etc. The store remains eternally short-staffed Saturday mornings for our weekly football games. Basically, we're just grown-up kids from the neighborhood, not business men. And I hope that is somehow positively reflected in the store itself. 

I've been working here since I was a junior in High School and before that I worked at M&L Sports, rest in peace. Combined, the three of us have over twenty years of sporting goods experience. 

Thus far running the store has been more challenging than expected. But ultimately we hope to offer St. Paul a clean store full of new and used sporting goods and apparel. Over the next year we plan on dumping all of our profit into inventory and general store improvements including new carpet, a new paint job and LED lighting. We're always looking for suggestions so feel free to email us feedback at playitagainstpaul@gmail.com. 

Obviously we want the store to be successful but we also want the business to have a positive impact on our community. We plan on doing this by making partnerships with local organizations, schools and associations. Currently we've teamed up with HGRA, Jimmy Lee, and Nativity Groveland Football. We're looking to expand these partnerships this first year so if you run an organization or even a team, contact us about partnering up and we'd be happy to offer discounts to your participants. 

In addition to having a positive impact on the community, we'd also like to have a positive impact on the environment. There are certain positive environmental reverbarations to operating a second hand shop but we're aiming to compound these with global initiatives as well. For example, this holiday season, we're donating a tree to Ethiopia for every $100 purchase through the Eden Reforestation Project

But in the end, what we really want is to provide St. Paul with a cool, locally owned and operated sporting goods store. Let us know the ways we can improve your shopping experience. 

Hope to see you soon!

Much Love, 

Max, Alex and Kai.